IAPWS Meetings

IAPWS holds an annual meeting at which the different working groups share updates and new information through a series of presentations and workshops.   

The 2006 International meeting was organised by BIAPWS at Witney, Oxfordshire, with around 60 international scientists and engineers attended the meeting, increasing to 95 for the one day open symposium on “Advances in Power Plant Chemistry: Current trends and future developments”. 

Every four or five years, IAPWS holds the International Conference on the Properties of Water and Steam (ICPWS). In September 2013, the 16th such conference was organised and hosted by BIAPWS and the Institution of Mechanical Engineers in Greenwich.  Around 230 delegates from 28 different countries attended this very successful event.  It had been over fifty years since the IAPWS conference was last held in the UK, so it was a welcome return to London, where the very first such conference was held in 1929.  A press release on the Greenwich conference can also be found in Technical Information.

The next IAPWS annual meeting will be held in Dresden, Germany, on September 11 - 16, 2016.